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Topaz DeNoise AI Review – AI Noise Reduction

Topaz Denoise AI Review

Topaz Denoise AI is photo noise reduction with a difference. Whilst many noise reduction systems remove both noise and detail, Denoise AI’s machine-learning algorithms enable it to identify and remove noise whilst leaving detail intact.

In fact, Denoise AI does not just preserve detail, it enhances it. As a result, it has completely transformed some of my noisest images into genuine keepers. Of course, results vary from photo-to-photo but if you can’t keep away from those noisy high ISOs, Topaz Denoise AI is well worth your consideration.

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Who is Topaz Denoise AI for

Topaz Denoise AI is ideal if your kind of photography demands the use of high ISOs. For example, you might be into Astrophotography or shoot sports with fast, light-starved shutter speeds. Alternatively, you might use a camera with a smaller, noisier sensor.

In any case, Topaz Denoise AI will almost certainly be more effective at reducing noise than your in-camera processing or favorite photo editor. And unlike both, Denoise AI will not only preserve more detail but will also enhance it.

Of course, Denoise AI isn’t for everyone. If your camera applies its own destructive noise reduction whether you like it or not; the damage is done. And Denoise AI is certainly not for you if you shoot Fuji Raw or DNG since it can open neither.

But if it is for you, the results may be as profound as a sensor or lens upgrade, but for the fraction of the price.

Using Topaz DeNoise AI

Topaz Denoise AI is focused on its singular purpose and as a result, is uncluttered and straightforward to use.

Topaz DeNoise AI Modes

The first setting you’ll stumble across is the AI noise reduction model. Here, you can choose between Standard, Clear, Low-light, Severe Noise, and Raw. To help you on your quest, there’s a nice split-screen comparison enabling you to preview the effect of each.

When processing JPEGs, Topaz Denoise AI defaults to Standard. This is just as well since Standard and Clear are the settings I found worked best most often

However, if you feed it a raw file, Denoise AI defaults to raw. If you would rather use another AI model, you can but I got the best results leaving it be. But don’t forget, Denoise AI cannot open Fuji raw or DNG files.

Other Noise Reduction Settings

After selecting your preferred AI Mode, it’s time to tweak the Remove Noise and Enhance Sharpness settings. This is simply a case of sliding each anywhere from 0 to 100. But if you’re too posh to slide, you can set it to Auto and it does a great job.

There are also some post-processing tools that serve to partially or completely override the AI model. However, I never found an occasion where I needed them.

Topaz Denoise AI Mask

If you prefer, you can paint on a mask and apply (or remove) noise reduction to specific areas of your photo. This might prove useful for high contrast scenes where dark shadows co-exist with bright highlights.

Overall ease of use

As you can see, Denoise AI is pretty lean. Assuming you’re sober and facing the right way, you’ll master Denoise AI in about ten minutes.

Topaz DeNoise AI Photo Comparisons and Results

For the sake of testing, these samples are 100% zoomed-in and cropped. In real life, you wouldn’t be looking quite so close.

Denoise AI Noise Reduction Sample 1

Shot at ISO7200, the original image was never that noisy but had lost plenty of detail. Topaz Denoise AI has done a great job cleaning and sharpening the image.

It’s also worth noting that the image does not suffer the kind of waxy skin tones imposed by lesser photo noise reduction systems.

Denoise AI Noise Reduction Sample 2

Whilst the original image suffered from noise and some false color, the biggest impact was the loss of fine detail in the bird’s feathers. Amazingly, Denoise AI has managed to restore some of this detail resulting in a superior photo.

Denoise AI Noise Reduction Sample 3

For this one, I dug out a photo taken with a 20-year-old 3-megapixel point-and-shoot camera. This is a noise reduction nightmare yet Topaz Denoise AI cleaned it up and added a little detail. It’s not perfect but given the source material, it ain’t half bad.

How much is Topaz Denoise AI?

Denoise AI retails for US$79.95. However, it does appear on sale every now and then. If you would like to be alerted to discounts on Denoise AI and deals on other photography software, sign up for my weekly newsletter.

Download Denoise AI

Black Friday Deals – Be quick, offers expire November 29th

25% off Denoise AI

US$79.95 $59.99

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Topaz Denoise AI is the best photo noise reduction software I have ever used. Whilst most noise reduction simply smudges noise away at the expense of detail, Denoise AI preserves and enhances details.

Of course, your results will vary depending on the quality of the source material. If the photo you are processing has already been sanitized by your camera’s noise reduction system, there might not be much left for Denoise AI to work with.

But if you can turn off your camera’s noise reduction or save your photos as raw files, Denoise AI will deliver vastly superior results.

Overall, it’s difficult to find any real downsides to using Denoise AI. It’s affordable, easy to use, and at worse, it will fail to recover an unrecoverable photo. But at best, it can convert a recycle bin-bound photo into a keeper. Therefore, there’s nothing to lose by using Denoise AI and plenty to gain.

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Download Denoise AI

Black Friday Deals – Be quick, offers expire November 29th

25% off Denoise AI

US$79.95 $59.99

60% off Denoise AI/Gigapixel/Sharpen Bundle

US$259 $99.99

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Topaz Denoise AI?

Denoise AI costs US$79.99

Is Denoise AI Free?

Denoise can be used free-of-charge. However, your images will be watermarked.

Is Topaz Denoise AI worth it?

If you shoot at high ISOs or use a camera with a smaller sensor, Denoise AI can vastly improve your photo’s image quality.

Can Denoise AI be used standalone?

Denoise AI can be used standalone or as a Lightroom plug-in.

Is Denoise AI easy to use?

Yes. It will take you about ten minutes to learn how to use Denoise AI.

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