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About Silent Peak Photographic

Raised in Cumbria, I was forged on the rain-drenched fells of the British Lake District. As I got older, I began taking a camera with me, and a new hobby was born.

These days, you will find me, camera in-hand, prowling the mean-streets of coastal New Zealand. And having made the transition from an alcohol-soaked man child to a responsible grown-up, homeowner, and father – setting up a blog seemed like the obvious thing to do.

Taking better pictures

I hope to encourage more people to take better pictures and make images their memories deserve. Whether you own a simple smartphone or a thousand-dollar Digital SLRs, the quality of your photos can be vastly improved by applying some simple fundamentals.

Of course, you may well be bitten by the photography bug and begin spending your kid’s inheritance on new cameras and lenses (money well spent and they will never remember anyway).

Whilst photography can be a bit of an addiction, at least it’s a healthy one.

How Silent Peak makes money

As you encounter or interact with adverts, Silent Peak may receive a small commission. In addition, if make a purchase via one of our links, Silent Peak may be paid a referral fee.

However, my reviews are based on the quality of the product and whether I would buy it for myself or a loved one. And since there are so many good products, there’s no need to recommend a bad one.


If you would like to stay in touch, you are welcome to subscribe to our email list and download a copy of ‘An Essential Guide to Smartphone Photography’ free of charge.

Since I spend an unhealthy amount of time researching camera gear, I will also notify you of the latest deals and special offers, and hopefully, save you a little cash along the way.

All the best