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Home » ON1 Photo RAW 2022 Review – Is More really Less?

ON1 Photo RAW 2022 Review – Is More really Less?

ON1 Photo RAW 2022 Review

ON1 Photo Raw 2022 is an all-in-one photo studio for PC and Mac and one of the most feature-packed photo editors I have ever used. These features include extensive Photo Management, AI-powered Photo Editing, HDR, Portrait Enhancement, and Sky Replacement.

Yet despite its generous feature-set, ON1 Photo Raw 2022 costs far less than similarly specified rivals such as Capture One Pro 22 and ACDSee Ultimate 2022. So, is ON1 Photo Raw 2022 the bargain it appears to be? Let’s find out. Jump to Conclusion

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What is ON1 Photo Raw 2022

ON1 Photo Raw 2022 is an all-in-one Photo Studio for PC and Mac. As an all-in-one photo studio, ON1 Photo Raw 2022 combines extensive photo management with photo editing resulting in a one-stop shop for your photography needs.

And by one-stop-shop, I really mean one. Besides photo management, editing, and presets; ON1 Photo Raw 2022 integrates many of ON1’s standalone apps such as NoNoise AI, Effects, Portrait AI, Resize, and HDR.

But if you’re not satisfied with all of that, there’s also Sky Replacement, Panorama Stitching, Focus Stacking, Timelapse Building, an iOS/Android app, and Tethered Shooting.

As you can see, ON1 Photo Raw 2022’s feature set is substantial. Which makes it all the more remarkable that ON1 Raw costs about one-third as much as Capture One Pro and about the same as a year’s subscription to Lightroom.

Therefore, ON1 Photo Raw 2022 is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable all-in-one photo studio that has the features you need today and those you may need tomorrow.

How much does ON1 photo RAW cost?

ON1 Photo Raw 2021 costs approximately US$110. If you would like to be notified of deals and discounts on ON1 Photo Raw 2022 and other products, subscribe to my weekly email.

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ON1 Photo Raw 2021 Release Date

20th December 2022

7 Key Features of ON1 Photo Raw 2022

Photo Management

ON1 Photo Raw 2022 includes a competitive photo management system that allows you to rate your photos, add them to albums, and tag them with keywords.

Tag, rate, and add your photos to albums

You can also use ON1 Photo Raw’s map view to Geotag your photo with longitude and latitude. Ideal if your camera lacks GPS.

As for finding photos, you can do so by browsing your existing folders and cloud storage. Alternatively, you can add a folder to Photo Raws Catalog, thus creating a handy shortcut and enabling you to browse photos by date. Another nice management feature is Smart Organise which finds similar or duplicate photos based on appearance, time of the shot, and location.

Using ON1 Photo Raw to Geotag your photos

All things considered, ON1 Photo Raw 2022’s photo management is very good. The only area in which it falls behind the very best is the lack of Face Recognition.

Presets and Effects

ON1 Photo Raw 2022 ships with a huge selection of Presets. As a result, ON1 Photo Raw is a good option if you are looking to process your photos quickly using as few clicks as possible.

ON1 Photo Raw 2022’s Presets and Filters make for effortless photo processing.

In addition to Presets is Effects which you can use to add touches such as sun flare, film simulations, and lens blur. And because Effects are applied in layers, you can add multiple Effects together and create unique compound effects.

Not only are Effects quick and easy, but they are also a lot of fun. And if you do strike gold and create a combination of Effects worth keeping, you can save the result as a Preset for use another day.

In the example below – I took a few seconds to apply a single preset which in turn, automatically applied a number of adjustments and Effects.


With ON1 Photo Raw 2022’s HDR tool, you can merge multiple photos taken at different exposures to create a single high dynamic range image.

Creating a 5 stack HDR with ON1 Photo Raw 2012

Overall, it worked well but occasionally it wouldn’t align the images correctly and other times it would- even when using the same stack. Nevertheless, ON1 Photo Raw is more than sufficient for casual use but if you are serious about HDR, try Aurora HDR.

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Sky Replacement

New to ON1 Photo Raw in 2022 is Sky Replacement. Simply select a photo, choose a new sky, and ON1 Photo Raw will insert it and relight the scene to match.

Sky Replacement AI with ON1 Photo Raw 2012

If the new sky doesn’t fit immediately, there are some easy-to-operate tools you can use to adjust the new sky’s position and blend.

Overall, ON1 Photo Raw 2022’s Sky Replacement tool works as well as any other I’ve used. Which is to say its success depends a lot on the original image. But like all Sky Replacement tools, it’s good fun.

Portrait Enhance Tools

ON1 Photo Raw 2022 has all the tools you need to make yourself presentable. These include skin retouching, eye-enhancing, and even teeth whitening.

Me – minus a year or two

Like some other contemporary photo editors, ON1 Photo Editor automatically locates and selects the eyes, face, mouth, etc so you don’t have to spend time selecting/masking these features manually. As a result, it takes no time at all to strip off a few years and an ounce of self-esteem.

One thing I would like to see is an automated background blur tool such as the one in Luminar AI and Neo. And personally speaking – grey hair removal.

NoNoise AI

ON1 Photo Raw 2022 includes NoNoise AI, a hugely impressive AI-powered noise reduction and sharpening tool.

NoNoise AI is effective and easy to use

If you have yet to use AI-enhanced noise reduction – you’re in for a treat. Unlike other noise reduction systems that smudge away noise and detail – NoNoise AI uses machine learning to identify and eliminate the noise whilst leaving the detail intact. If you look at the sample below, you will notice the processes sample is cleaner and more detailed than the original.

Given that NoNoise AI (and similar products) are usually sold separately, its inclusion in ON1 Photo Raw 2022 is lovely indeed.

ON1 Photo RAW for Mobile

When you buy ON1 Photo Raw, you also get access to its iOS and Android equivalent. Overall, it’s well-featured and produces good results. As a bonus, you can also download the free ON1 camera app. Please note, the interface only appears compressed because I prefer compact smartphones with smaller screens.

ON1 Photo Raw 2022 Interface

Because of ON1 Photo Raw 2022’s huge feature set, its interface is confusing at first. Not only is there a lot to take in, but it can be difficult to find what you are looking for.

Tools and options are often obscured by collapsable menus and there isn’t enough diversity in interface appearance to clearly separate one function from another. To make matters worse, not all tools are where you would expect them to be.

For example, in all the photo editors I have used, tone curves fall alongside adjustments such as exposure, white balance, and saturation. But in ON1 Photo Raw 2022, tone curves are found under Effects and are applied as a separate layer.

But persist and you will find Photo Raws unusual brand of logic consistent and in some cases advantageous. For instance, applying Tone Curves as a separate layer enables you to alter the layer’s blend method and opacity – vastly increasing your creative opportunities.

Furthermore, ON1 Photo Raw 2022 also supports dual monitors. Therefore, you can view your photo collection on one screen and edit them on another.

Overall, the initial rough ride through ON1 Photo Raw 2022’s interface is entirely temporary. And after a few hours, I found ON1 Photo Raw to be no more difficult to use than any other photo editor.

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ON1 Photo Raw 2022 Performance

ON1 Photo Raw glides along well and I have yet to experience any crashing. When it came to standard adjustments such as exposure and white balance, ON1 Photo Raw responded immediately.

But surprisingly, ON1 Photo Raw remains light on its feet during more intensive processed. For instance, the delay caused by replacing a sky, applying a filter/preset, or processing an HDR ranges between brief and none existent.

In practice, ON1 Photo Raw 2022 was able to get out the way and let me process my photos.

Is ON1 Photo Raw 2022 good for beginners

In some ways, ON1 Photo Raw 2022 is very good for beginners. For instance, it features enough Presets and Filters that you’ll be able to get great results in just a few clicks.

With Presets and Filters, it’s easy to get good results with ON1 Photo Raw

However, there are other applications that offer quick results and simpler interfaces. For instance, Luminar AI has excellent presets (called Templates) and a simple, minimalistic interface. However, Luminar AI has bare-bones photo management, runs a little slower, and lacks Photo Raw’s large and diverse feature set.

Luminar AI excels at quick easy results but lacks ON1 Photo Raw’s massive feature set

Fortunately, you can try both for free. But if all you care about is single-clicking your way to a well-processed photo – I recommend Luminar AI. Read Luminar AI review

ON1 Photo Raw 2022 compared

ON1 Photo Raw 2022’s most immediate like-for-like rival is Capture One Pro 22. Both have photo management, editing, HDR, and uniquely, remote capture with camera tethering. But as good as Capture One Pro 22 is, it’s vastly more expensive and still lacks features such as Sky Replacement, automatic portrait enhancement, and Timelapse.

ACDSee Ultimate 2021

Like Photo Raw, ACDSee Ultimate 2022 is another excellent and affordable all-in-one photo studio and one of my favorites. It features one of the best interfaces, world-class photo management, and immediate performance.

However, ACDSee Ultimate lacks modern-day AI-Powered perks such as Sky Replacement, Portrait enhancement, and advanced noise reduction. Nor does it have as good HDR and it lacks timelapse, tethering, and panoramic stitching altogether.

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ON1 Photo Raw 2022 is an insanely well-specified all-in-one photo studio being sold at a bargain price. Furthermore, it produces good results, is responsive, and is reliable.

Of course, I have to mention its initially problematic interface. But if you can get past the first impressions and get to know Photo Raw, you’ll realize there’s consistency in its madness and even a few advantages.

Fun with bokeh and lens flare filters

If you are an outright beginner, applications such as Luminar AI will offer you an easier and faster route towards your first processed photo. But if you are looking for an editor that will accommodate your growth as a photographer; Luminar AI’s friendly approach may become a constraint. In contrast, ON1 Photo Raw 2022’s gigantic feature set will always be waiting to indulge your next creative impulse.

Overall, I’m very impressed with ON1 Photo Raw 2022. It has all the features I need and many more besides. And most importantly, it is fast, reliable, and produces attractive results. Thus, if you are looking for a fast and affordable all-in-one photo studio with the features you need today and many more you might want tomorrow, ON1 Photo Raw 2022 might just be your ticket.

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