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How to take great photos at the beach

How to take photos at the beach

The beach is a great place to take photographs.  Here are a few, easy-to-replicate photographs requiring nothing more than a smartphone camera.

There’s more to a beach than a horizon

Beaches are full of texture and colour and a good exercise is to restrain yourself from taking the obvious shot of the horizon. In this photograph, the rock serves to anchor down the photo but the appeal for me is the way the incoming tide carves the frame into two for a geometrically pleasing result.

It took a few attempts and a pair of thoroughly soaked shoes but the shot was got.

Focus on the small stuff

Someone had been busy building rock piles and I had come along at a time when the sun had lit them side-on enhancing their texture and shape.  Smartphones are great for been able to focus within inches of a subject and by doing so I was able to fill the frame and blur out the background for a snap worthy of a little wall space.

You can squeeze some background blur out of a smartphone so long as you have a close subject and a distant background.

Get out for Golden Hour

A nice sunset can make everything look better and there’s usually less people around making it easier to get a shot free of intruders. The best light only lasts for a few minutes and you should arrive a little early to plan your shot rather than fumbling through the moment and missing out.

I waited for a wave to arrive to provide a point-of-interest to an otherwise flat scene.

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