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The FASTEST way to edit your Selfies

The Fastest way to edit your selfies

In this video, you will learn the fastest way to edit your selfies. Not only is it fast, but the results are excellent. For this, you will need Luminar AI which you can try free for 7 days (no credit card required).

Luminar AI is one of my all-time favorite photo editors. It’s relatively cheap and supremely easy to use whilst being capable of fantastic results. Therefore, I consider Luminar AI to be the best photo editor for beginners and experts in a rush. Read Luminar AI Review.

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The fastest way to edit your Selfies.

Using this method, you will be able to transform your Selfies in around a minute. It is that fast. Of course, you do not need to do exactly what I have done nor in the order, I’ve done it. So feel free to break free and experiment.


The fastest way to edit your Selfie in 9 steps

  1. Open your image to Edit in Luminar AI
  2. Select the Portrait Bokeh AI Tool
  3. Slide in the amount of Background Blur you’d like
  4. Darken/Brighten the Background to taste
  5. Alter the background’s warmth to taste
  6. Adjust the Depth Correction to suit
  7. Adjust the Settings in Face ID – Face Light, Eye Enhancer, Dark Circles removal, etc
  8. Apply the settings in Sky AI – Amount and Shine Removal
  9. Try the Skin Defects Removal AI option.

The Fastest way to edit your Selfie Demo

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