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Luminar Neo V1.0.7. Released + Discounts

Luminar Neo

Skylum Software has announced the release of Luminar Neo V1.0.7. Although a relatively minor release, Neo v1.0.7. does include a few nice touches.

First of all, you can now stack your favorite editing tools at the top of the pile for quicker access. And now, you can apply Mask AI to Layers. Furthermore, it seems to run a little faster – but that might just be me. Yet, if you’re still not impressed, Skylum Software is celebrating V1.0.7. with some tasty discounts. Yum.

Table of Contents

Luminar Neo v1.0.7. Highlights

Favorite tools

You can now stack your favorite edit tools at the top of the screen for the sake of easy access.

Setting your tools as favorite in Luminar Neo

Mask AI in Layers

Mask AI was new to Luminar Neo v1.0.5 and enabled you to automatically mask objects in your photos such as humans, mountains, and architecture. But now, you can also apply it to your layers.

Mask AI: Auto-subject masking in Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo v1.0.7 Bug fixes

Skylum Software has included a few bug fixes such as

  • Use the Histogram in the Photos Extension
  • Paste a mask and see the masking action buttons working
  • Copy an AI-detected mask and smoothly use the Erase tool
  • On macOS Catalina, click on the Masking tab without experiencing crashes
  • Apply brushes in the Masking tab without errors
  • Press the Control + left-click shortcut and open menus smoothly
  • You can now press the Mask AI button in the Black&White tool without immediately converting the image to black and white
  • Use Undo & Redo, as well as shortcuts, without disabling the Presets and Edit tabs
  • Export an image from a plugin after having applied the Erase tool or edited it in Layers without experiencing crashes
  • When adding a new layer to a photo with an opened tool in the tool tab, the Transform Layer frame doesn’t disappear
  • Enter the slider amount with the keyboard without the tool appearing twice in the Edits tab

Luminar Neo Discounts

Discounts for new customers

Luminar Neo 1 seat for US$64
Luminar Neo 2 seats for US$84

Discounts for owners of other Skylum Products

Luminar Neo 1 seat for US$49
Luminar Neo 2 seats for US$59

How to update Luminar Neo

Right-click on the Luminar Neo logo and click Help > Check for Updates. Updating can take up to 30 minutes.

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