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Luminar Discounts

Luminar Discounts

Skylum Software has released its Black Friday deals on Luminar Neo, Luminar AI, and Aurora HDR. If you have been considering any of the above, now is a great time to get on board.

Your discount will vary depending on whether you are an existing customer or not. And if you’re keen on picking up a bundle of Skylum products, you’ll save even more. These offers are limited to orders between the 17th and 29th of November. Happy Shopping!

Luminar and Aurora HDR Discounts

You are an existing customer if you have previously bought other Luminar or Aurora products. You will need to verify your purchase using your existing email account. You can either buy one license or two.

ProductNo. LicensesNew/Existing CustomerPrice
Luminar Neo1NewUS$59
Luminar Neo2NewUS$69
Luminar Neo1ExistingUS$49
Luminar Neo2ExistingUS$54
Luminar Neo + Luminar AI1NewUS$89
Luminar Neo + Luminar AI2NewUS$109
Luminar Neo + Luminar AI + Aurora HDR1NewUS$98
Luminar Neo + Luminar AI + Aurora HDR2NewUS$118
Luminar AI + Morning Till Light1NewUS$47
Luminar AI + Morning Till Light2NewUS$59
Luminar AI + Aurora HDR1NewUS$69
Luminar AI + Aurora HDR2NewUS$89

More Info

Luminar Neo is yet to be released but is the spiritual successor to the enthusiast-orientated Luminar 4. Luminar Neo includes neat tricks such as Background replacement, dust removal, and Relight AI. See Luminar Neo Review.

Luminar AI is my absolute best recommendation for beginners and experts in a rush as it boils down complex editing processes into just a few clicks. Its templates are ideal for one-click processing and its Sky Replacement tool is a hoot! Luminar AI review.

More Discounts

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All the best! Richard.

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