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Capture One 22 Release Date

Capture One Pro Release Date

Capture One 22 is set to be released this December 9th, 2021. Therefore, if you’re thinking about buying a one-off license for Capture One 21, you better take a deep breath and sit tight for a few days.

What is Capture One 22

And it looks like you’ll be glad you did as Capture One 22 will finally offer features such as HDR Stacking, Panorama Stitching, and a Luminar AI-Esque auto-rotation feature for straightening those wonky horizons.

Capture One 21

I’m a huge fan of Capture One 21. I love its user interface, its speed, and the results it produces. However, it isn’t cheap and it lacks the sort of machine-learned AI trickery we’re now seeing in much cheaper products such as Luminar AI and Neo.

Capture 22 Auto-rotation

As a result, photo editors such as Luminar AI and Luminar Neo make a lot more sense when you just want the easiest, cheapest and fastest route to a well-processed photo.

But for those times when you want to make refined micro-adjustments to a single or batch of photos, I’d choose Capture One 21.

So, will Capture One 22 be all things to all people? Let’s see.

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