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Portrait Background Removal AI with Luminar Neo

luminar neo background replacement

Here, we’re taking a look at Luminar Neo and its new background replacement tool. Whilst background replacement is nothing new, it has always been a slow and painful process requiring tedious masking and surgical selections.

But with Luminar Neo, Skylum Software appears to have boiled down this complex procedure to just a few clicks. Not only that but looking at the samples, the effect appears impressive indeed. If you have some time on your hands, feel free to browse the samples and compare the before and afters. Jump to Conclusion.

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What is Luminar Neo

From Skylum Software, the makers of Luminar 4 and Luminar AI, comes Luminar Neo. Along with its background replacement function, Luminar Neo can relight scenes, automatically remove sensor dust from your photos, and allow you to contain your adjustments to layers.

Luminar Neo

I have always enjoyed Luminar products, and they remain my top recommendation for beginners and experts in a rush. More than that, they are just a lot of fun to use.

If you would like to learn more about Lumiar Neo and see my hands-on demos of Erase AI and Relight AI, pop over to my Luminar Neo preview.

Luminar Neo background replacement samples

Here, we take a look at 4 different photos processed using Luminar Neo’s background replacement feature. Overall, the results are impressive indeed.

Sample 1

If you look closely, you will see some of the subject’s hair has been clipped in transition. Nevertheless, the new background is well installed and Luminar Neo has done a great job relighting the subject to match her new digital surroundings.

Sample 3

I can’t find any issues with this background replacement. However, I wonder whether Luminar Neo was able to determine the white wall was not for replacement autonomously or did the user have to intervene.

Sample 3

Once again, the results are impressive. But if you look carefully, you might notice that the subject’s hair is been trimmed a little and that her hat’s diameter has been reduced. Yet, I would never have noticed these anomalies without the direct comparison.

Sample 4

In this version of the same image, our subject is magically transported to the jungle. Here we can see Luminar Neo’s lighting effects transferring the scene’s green hue onto the subject. Just as it would in real life.

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In Luminar Neo, it seems Skylum Software has successfully automated background replacement. Not only is Luminar Neo able to surgically remove one background and insert another, but it effectively readjusts the subject’s lighting so they appear to belong in their new surroundings.

I imagine background replacement will become hugely popular with product photographers, marketers, and conscious-limited influencers looking to oversell their lifestyle. After all, with travel being somewhat limited these days, Luminar Neo’s background replacement technology will have some highly practical applications.

I also expect it will be somewhat abused. Just as digital airbrushing was used to sell people an unattainable standard of beauty, it’s possible Luminar Neo’s background replacement feature will be exploited by those looking to sell unattainable lifestyles.

But regardless, Luminar Neo’s background replacement appears to be very impressive and I can’t wait to run some of my own photos through it.

How will you use Luminar Neo’s background replacement feature? Feel free to comment below.

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