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Home » Topaz DeNoise AI Review 2022 + Free Download & 15% Off Promo Code

Topaz DeNoise AI Review 2022 + Free Download & 15% Off Promo Code

Topaz Denoise AI Photo Denoiser

In this Topaz Denoise AI review, I get hands-on with the latest version of Denoise AI and find it one of the best noise reduction applications you can buy today. With its powerful AI noise reduction algorithms, Denoise AI not only removes photo noise but preserves and enhances detail.

For this reason, Topaz Denoise AI is vastly superior to traditional noise reduction systems. But like anything, Denoise AI is not perfect and faces stiff competition from ON1 NoNoise AI. So, is Topaz Denoise worth it? Let’s find out. Jump to Conclusion

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What is Topaz Denoise AI

Topaz Denoise AI is a specialized noise reduction application from Topaz Labs, the creators of the outstanding Sharpen AI and Gigapixel AI. And like those applications, you can use Topaz Denoise AI as a standalone application or as a plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom.

Superior AI Noise Reduction

But however you choose to use Denoise AI, you’ll find it to be vastly superior to the traditional photo denoising built into your smartphone, camera, and favorite photo editor.

With traditional noise reduction, removing photo noise also removes detail. Therefore, the best result depends on your ability to balance the loss of both.

But thanks to AI noise reduction, Denoise AI can look at a photo like you and I and tell the difference between noise and detail.

Better than the original photo

As a result, Denoise AI can remove noise while preserving and enhancing your photo’s detail. And as a consequence, you end up with a picture that’s not just cleaner than the original but sharper and more detailed too.

Later in this Topaz Denoise AI Review, we’ll compare some before and after samples. If you would like to jump ahead – click here.

Who is Topaz Denoise AI for?

Denoise AI could be for anyone taking photos. But if you tend to shoot at higher ISO’s or with a camera with a smaller, noisier sensor, Topaz Denoise AI is all but essential.

Looking back, I have deleted many overly-noisy photos that Denoise AI could have easily fixed. But today, I can exploit higher noisier ISO’s, knowing fine well I can fit it later with Denoise AI.

Is Topaz Denoise AI easy to use?

Topaz Denoise AI is straightforward to use. Denoise AI will automatically denoise your photo for you in its default setting. But if you prefer to get hands-on, you need only select one of the five AI models and budge a few sliders. Overall, it will take you about 20 minutes to master Denoise AI.

If you want to know more, check my tutorial – How to use Topaz Denoise AI in 5 easy steps.

Topaz Denoise AI Manual Download

Download and print my Topaz Denoise AI manual. Free, no catch.

How much does Topaz Denoise AI cost?

Topaz Denoise AI costs US$79.95. Buy Topaz Denoise AI

Topaz Denoise AI Promo Code

Apply promo code FRIEND15 at checkout and receive a 15% discount.

Topaz Image Quality Bundle

You can buy Topaz Denoise AI as part of the Image Quality Bundle. In addition to Denoise AI, you’ll also get the magnificent Sharpen AI and Gigapixel AI.

As you might expect, the bundle costs less than buying all three applications separately. Furthermore, you can save an additional 15% using the Promo Code FRIEND15. Read Topaz Image Quality Bundle Review.

Download Topaz Denoise AI Free

Download Denoise AI free – no credit card required.

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Does Topaz Denoise AI work

Denoise AI is a highly effective way to denoise your photos. In this part of my Topaz Denoise AI review, you’ll get to compare some Denoise AI before and after samples.

Sample 1

Denoise AI

Sample 2

Denoise AI

Sample 3

Poor Quality JPEG
Denoise AI

Problems with Topaz Denoise AI

Existing Noise Reduction

Topaz Denoise AI is less effective when dealing with images to which noise reduction has already been applied. This is particularly apparent with photos taken with smartphones and point-and-shoot cameras.

However, this is not an issue with Denoise AI but the heavy-handed detail-stripping nature of the original noise reduction. In other words, there’s not enough detail left for Denoise AI to work with.

Therefore, Denoise AI is likely to be less effective when processing JPEGs – especially those taken with Smartphones and low-end cameras. To mitigate, try to shoot raw or with your camera’s in-built noise reduction turned off.


Whenever you select a different AI Denoising model or pan/zoom around your photo, Denoise AI will pause for a few seconds to re-render the image.

I think the wait is a small price to pay for the result. Nonetheless, the delay does add bumps to an otherwise excellent workflow. And now, there is a faster alternative.

Topaz Denoise AI alternatives

Topaz Denoise AI’s noise reduction is vastly superior to any traditional photo denoising found inside your camera, smartphone, or photo editor.

Therefore, it’s hardly surprising Denoise AI’s main competitor is another AI denoiser. In many ways, ON1 NoNoise AI is similar to DeNoise AI. In practical terms, both Denoise AI and NoNoNoise AI are equally excellent at denoising photos, and both cost the same. Read ON1 NoNoise AI Review

ON1 NoNoise AI

However, NoNoise AI is a little faster and has some extra secondary features such as photo cropping and an erase tool. On the other hand, Denoise AI has the flexibility of multiple AI models and a friendly user interface. Overall, I can’t decide between the two. If you want to know more, read Denoise AI vs NoNoise AI.

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Topaz Denoise AI is hugely effective, easy to use, and quite affordable. If you’ve yet to try an AI Photo Denoiser, Denoise AI is a great place to start.

The Best Noise Reduction for Photos

Topaz Denoise AI can recognize noise from detail enabling it to remove one while preserving the other. For this reason, Denoise AI is many leagues ahead of traditional noise reduction applications that remove noise and detail in equal measure.

In many ways, Denoise AI’s effect is similar to a camera or lens upgrade – but at a fraction of the price. If you tend to take photos at higher ISOs, Denoise AI is a game-changer.


Whether you use Denoise AI as a Photoshop or Lightroom plugin or standalone – you’ll master Denoise AI in about 20 minutes.

In its default mode, Denoise AI will automatically asses your image and apply noise reduction for you. But if you’d like to get hands-on and make adjustments, it is as simple as choosing between five AI models and nudging a few sliders.

If you prefer, you can enter Denoise AI’s masking mode and apply noise reduction to select areas of your photo. However, I’ve never found it necessary to do so to get a great result.

Sadly, Denoise AI does suffer some latency. In my opinion, the delay is entirely acceptable given the results, but you may feel different.


If you prefer speed, the only noise reduction application that comes close is ON1 NoNoise AI. While it’s not quite as easy to use or as flexible as Denoise AI – it does run faster and comes with some nice extra features. Read Denoise AI vs NoNoise AI.

Is Topaz Denoise AI worth it?

Yes. Denoise AI is my favorite noise reduction tool. It’s easy to use, absurdly effective, and reasonably affordable. If you’re still slumming it with traditional noise reduction, I urge you to try Denoise AI as soon as possible.

What’s your favorite noise reduction software – share your thoughts in the comments below.

Download Denoise AI Free

Buy or try Denoise AI Free – No Credit Card Req.

Save 15% when you buy Denoise AI with Promo Code: friend15

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Topaz Denoise AI?

Denoise AI costs US$79.99

Is Denoise AI Free?

Denoise can be used free of charge. However, your images will be watermarked.

Is Topaz Denoise AI worth it?

If you shoot at high ISOs or use a camera with a smaller sensor, Denoise AI can vastly improve your photo’s image quality.

Can Denoise AI be used standalone?

Denoise AI can be used standalone or as a Lightroom plugin.

Is Denoise AI easy to use?

Yes. It will take you about ten minutes to learn how to use Denoise AI.

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