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Topaz Gigapixel AI Review

Topaz Labs Gigapixel AI Review

Gigapixel AI from Topaz Labs is image upscaling on steroids. Not only does it enlarge your photos, but it uses artificial intelligence to add detail where none was before.

As a result, images enlarged in Gigapixel AI can look better and more detailed than the smaller original. Therefore, I highly recommend Gigapixel if you have a pile of old photos in need of a remaster, or you want to make massive prints of small photos. Jump to Conclusion.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is Gigapixel AI
  2. Is Gigapixel AI any good
    1. Processing poor quality noise-ridden digital photos
    2. Enlarging clean but low resolution digital photos
    3. Enlarging high fidelity photos
    4. Faces
  3. What does Gigapixel AI cost
  4. Is Gigapixel AI good for beginners
  5. Conclusion

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What is Gigapixel AI

Gigapixel AI is an image upscaler designed to increase the size of your photos. But unlike other image upscalers which turn one pixel into many, Gigapixel uses artificial intelligence to analyze your photo and insert additional detail.

A 6-megapixel photo blow-up 600%

As a result, photos processed in Gigapixel AI are not only larger but also more detailed than your original image.

Therefore, Topaz Labs’ Gigapixel is well worth your consideration if you are looking to remaster old low-fi photos or to blow an otherwise decent photo up to 600% of its original size for big prints.

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Is Gigapixel AI any good

Gigapixel AI is very impressive indeed. Upon loading Gigapixel for the first time, I decided to go straight to the stress test. I dug through my archive and chose an old 3-megapixel photo of Notre Dam cathedral taken with my Sony P72 point-and-shoot way back in 2005.

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Obviously, my expectations were fair and low. But to my surprise, the results were impressive. Not only had Gigapixel AI enlarged the old file 6-fold, but the new 18-megapixel image looked sharper, cleaner, and more detailed than the 3-megapixel original.

It was a hell of a first impression and I couldn’t wait to try more photos. I immediately started going through my collection. I tried enhancing photos scanned from film, photos taken on decades-old camera phones, and high-fidelity photos taken with my Nikon D750.

What I found is Gigapixel will usually improve your photo. But to what extent depends on the quality of the source images.

Processing poor quality noise-ridden digital photos

When it came to very poor quality digital images, such as those taken with early camera phones, Gigapixel AI seemed unable to separate the real image from all the noise and compression artifacts.

Waxy skin tones courtesy of a photo taken with an ancient Sony K750i camera phone.

As a result, the enhanced image may suffer the same uncanny-valley look of poor CGI. It wasn’t so bad with landscapes but was particularly apparent with faces. Skin tones took on an unpleasant waxwork-like appearance.

Enlarging clean but low resolution digital photos

I am very impressed with the way Gigapixel AI handles low-resolution photos of reasonable image quality, such as those taken with my old 3-megapixel Sony P-72.

In almost all cases, the photos looked better but to varying degrees. If your photo features complex detail that cannot be reasonably anticipated, reducing the extent of the scale will yield better results.

Enlarging high fidelity photos

When it came to processing photos taken with my Nikon D750, Gigapixel AI performed wonders. Not only did it increase the image size, but it seemed to invent new, legitimate-looking detail.

As a result, I would absolutely run my 24-megapixel landscape photos through Gigapixel AI as part of prepping the image for printing.


An area where Gigapixel AI did seem to struggle is with faces. Even with its ‘face refinement’ setting, skin tones often looked over-processed and waxy. But, so long as you stick to modest settings, Gigapixel does have the potential to enhance a good-quality portrait.

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What does Gigapixel AI cost

Gigapixel AI costs US$99. However, you can but is occasionally on sale or included, with a discount, in Topaz Labs software bundles.

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Is Gigapixel AI good for beginners

Yes. It will take you about ten minutes to master Gigapixel AI. As with many Topaz Labs products, Gigapixel’s interface is free of fluff and entirely focused on the task at hand. It runs quickly too.

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At its best, Gigapixel AI can perform miracles. You can take an old 3-megapixel photo and turn it into a better-looking 18-megapixel photo. At its worst, it will turn a small, poor-quality photo into a large poor quality photo.

But in most cases, Gigapixel AI is effective to some degree. As a result, I can recommend Gigapixel to anyone looking to print big, or to those of you looking the breathe new life into old low-resolution photos.

Sometimes, it does struggle when it comes to very poor image quality. Photos taken with technically poor cameras are often drowning in noise and bizarre color artifacts. These artifacts serve to obscure the original scene whilst creating enough misleading detail to lead Gigapixel AI’s algorithms in the wrong direction.

I also found that extensive enhancement would lend faces and skin tones a wax-like appearance. However, good results are still to be found so long as you’re willing to dial down the scaling and tweak the settings.

As for the settings, Gigapixel could barely be simpler and easy to use. And this is a good thing since getting the best results out of any photo does require your personal attention and some fine-tuning.

To sum up, Gigapixel AI is impressive and all-but-guaranteed to enlarge and enhance your images to some degree. If you do have a collection of old photos looking to be dragged into the 2020s, it’s well worth the money.

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