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Creative Journey Pass in Luminar Neo – 6 New Features Explained

Creative Journey Pass

The Creative Journey Pass for Luminar Neo brings six new features. These include three new Cloud-powered technologies, namely, GenErase, SceneExpand, and SceneSwap, and three integrated features in Studio Light, Neon&Glow, and Water Enhancer.

Moreover, your existing Luminar Neo Pro subscription includes the Creative Journey Pass. Alternatively, you can buy the Creative Journey Pass outright and enjoy one year’s access to its Cloud-powered features and ongoing access to the three integrated features. Jump to Conclusion | Read Luminar Neo Review




US$59 – $51




US$4.95 p/m.

How much does the Creative Journey Pass cost

The Creative Journey Pass is included in your existing Luminar Neo Pro subscription. Alternatively, you can buy the Creative Journey Pass outright for one year.

Luminar Neo Pro Subscription

Subscribe to Luminar Neo Pro, and you’ll receive the Creative Journey Pass, an updated version of Luminar Neo, and the seven-feature Luminar Neo extension pack. Thus, this is the most affordable way if you’ve yet to board the Luminar Neo train. Get Luminar Neo Pro Today.

Presets in Luminar Neo
Luminar Neo is one of the best photo editing software applications I have tested.

Luminar Neo Pro for Existing Customers

However, if you have already bought Luminar Neo outright, you can add one year’s Pro Subscription for a heavily discounted price. Doing so will give you access to the Creative Journey Pass and the Luminar Neo Extension Pack. Upgrade to Luminar Neo Pro Now.

Buying the Creative Journey Pass outright.

You can buy a one-year Creative Journey Pass outright. Doing so will give you 12 months to access its Cloud-driven features Gen Erase, Scene Expand, and Scene Swap. Furthermore, you will get ongoing access to Studio Light, Neon&Glow, and Water Enhancer – but only 12 months’ worth of updates. Buy Creative Journey Pass Outright Now

What’s in the Creative Journey Pass?

The Creative Journey Pass includes six new features. Water Enhancer and SceneExpand have yet to be released at the time of writing.

Studio Light

With Studio Light, you can simulate the effect of using multiple flashes and strobe lights by dropping ‘digital’ light sources into your photo. Moreover, you can adjust the angle of each light source, its intensity, and color, and even add patterns and textures.

Overall, I enjoyed using Studio Light. It is practical, straightforward, and lots of fun. Read Studio Light in Luminar Neo for more information, or watch the video review below.

Watch Luminar Studio Light Review.


As the name suggests, GenErase is an erase tool that lets you brush away unwanted photographic elements. At the same time, a generative AI algorithm reconstructs the image to make it appear the erased part was never there.

Moreover, GenErase is capable of producing some truly outstanding results. But only sometimes, as GenErase’s biggest problem is consistency. One moment, GenErase pulls off the impossible, and the next, it fails hard. Even when processing the same photo. This makes GenErase highly unpredictable.

Nevertheless, GenErase gives us a glimpse of the future of photo editing and manipulation. Read GenErase Review for more infomation.


With GenSwap, you can use generative AI to add new objects to your photo or swap one photographic element for another.

For example, you might place an old rowing boat on an empty beach, add a bee to a lonely flower, or change a grassy hill into a dune – the possibilities are vast.

Surprisingly, this early iteration of GenSwap works rather well, and I found my imagination to be its most significant limiting factor. Read GenSwap Review for more information.


Another self-explanatory feature could be fun combined with Luminar Neo’s Effects Layers.

Neon&Glow in Luminar Neo
Neon and Glow. Tick, Tick.


With GenExpand, you can use generative AI to expand the boundaries of your photo, inserting new features as it goes.

Amazing, GenExpand works pretty well as can produce expanded images that are indistinguishable from an out-of-camera image. As with all of Luminar Neo’s generative AI tools, GenExpand can be unpredictable and can delivery poor and downright peculiar results.

Water Enhancer

With Water Enhancer, you can adjust the color of oceans and rivers to make them more idealistic.

Water Enhancer in Luminar Neo
Transform mud-ridden rivers into paradise.

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The Creative Journey Pack presents the tools of tomorrow today, which means two things. First, many of these features are unique to the Luminar Neo ecosystem and, thus, incomparable. Second, because tomorrow isn’t here yet, some of the Creative Journey Pack’s tools are a little rough around the edges.

This is particularly true of GenErase. When it works, it really does. However, you can never be sure whether it will or not, so GenErase feels like an exercise in trial and error. In comparison, GenSwap is quite reliable, fun, and sometimes truly impressive.

In contrast, the non-generative AI tools, such as Studio Light and Neon Glow, feel mature and well-polished. While I find Neon Glow somewhat niche, almost anyone will find utility in what Studio Light offers.

Overall, the Creative Journey Pass is shaping up nicely, and I look forward to the final two features. I’ll be testing each of these features as they are released, and if you’d like to be notified of the results, you are welcome to subscribe to my weekly newsletter.




US$59 – $51




US$4.95 p/m.

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