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Luminar v1.1.0 released

Luminar Neo

Skylum Sofware has released Luminar v1.1.0. Among the usual refinements and bug fixes is a few improvements to Luminar Neo’s Layers system. For instance, you can now stack your layers into any order.

But the biggest new addition is the long-awaited Portrait Background Removal AI tool. As the name suggests, it will automatically remove your subject’s background. If you would like to know more, visit my hands-on Portrait Background Removal AI review. Alternatively, drop by my comprehensive and updated Luminar Neo review to learn all things Neo.

How to get Luminar Neo v1.1.0

If you already own Luminar Neo, upgrading to version 1.1.0 will cost you nothing. Simply right-click on the Luminar Neo logo and then Help > Check for Updates. Updating can take a while so don’t start it if you’re in a rush.

Alternatively, you can try Luminar Neo v1.1.0 for free – no credit card required. And if you would like to buy Luminar Neo, don’t forget to use the Promo Code SILENTPEAKNEO10 for a lovely discount.

Get Luminar Neo

Save even more: Use Luminar Neo Promo Code: SILENTPEAKNEO10

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