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Luminar Neo vs ON1 Photo Raw – Choose Carefully!

Luminar Neo vs ON1 Photo Raw

Comparing Luminar Neo vs ON1 Photo Raw reveals two very different photo editors. For instance, Luminar Neo‘s minimalistic interface and powerful AI tools serve to disolve traditionally difficult editing processes into single clicks. As a result, Luminar Neo is the best photo editor for beginers.

But when it comes to features, nothing beats ON1 Photo Raw for the money. So long as you’re willing to climb its initially steap learning curve, ON1 Photo Raw will reward you with superior photo management and tools such as HDR, Timelapse, and much more. So, Luminar Neo vs ON1 Photo Raw – which is right for you? Jump to Conclusion.

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Luminar Neo vs ON1 Photo Raw – Ease of use

If you want easy, Luminar Neo is the best photo editor for beginners and anyone looking for a quick fix. With its amazing Presets and powerful adjustments such as Enhance and Structure AI – it takes seconds to get great results.

Read Luminar Neo review.

On the other hand, ON1 Photo Raw is a more traditional photo editor. In other words, its at its best when you’re adjusting your own colors and tone curves. And thanks to its insanely-stacked feature set, Photo Raw’s interface is a little more difficult to navigate. Nevertheless, ON1 Photo Raw’s Presets and Filters still offer a quick route to great results.

Effects Layers in ON1 Photo Raw

But to be honest, no photo editor comes close to Luminar Neo where ease-of-use is concerned. Read: Luminar Neo Tutorials

ON1 Photo Raw vs Luminar Neo – Features

Photo editing

As Skylum Software’s newest photo editor, Luminar Neo has everything Luminar AI has and more. Specifically, you’re getting powerful presets, an auto masking tool, layers, portrait background blur, and more. In fact, Luminar Neo is so well-featured that it will make many photo editors blush. But not ON1 Photo Raw.

Editing a photo in Luminar Neo

This is because ON1 Photo Raw also has presets, sky replacement, portrait touch-up, and many other tools similiar to those found in Luminar Neo. However, ON1 Photo Raw also has AI-photo enlargement, NoNoise AI noise reduction, remote camera release, timelapse, HDR, focus stacking, dual-screen support, and panorama stitching.

For these reasons, ON1 Photo Raw is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an all-in-one photo studio that does everything.

Photo Management

ON1 Photo Raw’s photo management is vastly superior to Luminar Neo’s. For instance, you can rate and tag your photos with keywords, sync your library with your cloud storage, and create smart collections based on photo properties such as date, camera, and place.

Sky Replacement in ON1 Photo Raw

In contrast, Luminar Neo allows you to manually drag your photos into albums and rate your photos as favorite or rejected. If you have a relatively small photo collection, Luminar Neo’s simplicity and friendly interface might be a blessing. But if you have a vast archive of photos to tame – ON1 Photo Raw is more up to the job.

Luminar Neo vs ON1 Photo Raw – Price

Luminar Neo costs less than ON1 Photo Raw but you can try either for free. Read Free Software Trials.


Overall, when comparing ON1 Photo Raw vs Luminar Neo, it becomes clear that these are two very different photo editors intended for two different audiences.

Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is a showcase in simplicity. With its powerful AI – Neo seeks to dissolve traditionally complex photo editing techniques into single clicks. And surprisingly, it works.

Sky Replacement in Luminar Neo

But it would be a mistake to consider Luminar Neo a dumbed-down photo editor for the masses as it’s capable of producing results on par with any photo editor on the market today. And thanks to tools such as Portrait Bokeh AI and Sky AI – Luminar Neo is great fun to use.

For all of these reasons, I consider Luminar Neo to be the best photo editor for beginners and experts in a rush. If you would like to find out more, read Luminar Neo Review

ON1 Photo Raw

ON1 Photo Raw takes life a little more seriously than Luminar Neo and demands you spend some time learning its tricks. And if you do, it will reward you and then some.

Using Presets in ON1 Photo Raw 2022

But what if you need more than just a photo editor? Well, ON1 Photo Raw pretty much does everything from HDR and Focus Stacking to Timelapse and Panoramic stitching. You also benefit from class-leading noise reduction in the form of NoNoise AI.

And then, there’s photo management. Whilst Luminar Neo’s photo management is functional and pleasant to use – it’s also very basic and entirely underpowered for handling larger photo collections. Whereas ON1 Photo Raw with its clean-up services, smart collections, keyword tagging, and cloud-sync options bring order to even the most chaotic of photo collections.

Luminar Neo vs ON1 Photo Raw – Which is best

As you can see, which is best depends on you. If you are attracted to quick lazy results, you can’t do better than Luminar Neo. But if prefer to get hands-on and need access to more features – ON1 Photo Raw offers a lot for relatively little money. If you would like to learn more, read my hands-on Luminar Neo and ON1 Photo Raw reviews. You can also try both Luminar Neo and ON1 Photo Raw free using the links below.

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