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Luminar Neo vs Luminar AI

luminar neo vs luminar ai

The difference between Luminar Neo vs Luminar AI is quite straightforward. If you like to get hands-on with your images – Luminar Neo has the latest adjustments and tools. But if you are looking for the fastest route towards a well-processed photo, I’d go with Luminar AI.

In this post, we’ll take a look at both Luminar AI and Luminar Neo to help you decide which Luminar is best for you. Jump to Conclusion | Try Luminar AI Free

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Luminar AI vs Luminar Neo: Ease of Use

Both Luminar Neo and Luminar AI are extremely easy to use. In fact, both share a similar interface and toolset.

Luminar Neo – Sky AI

But the big difference is Templates. Templates are unique to Luminar AI and enable you to process your photos with a single click. Furthermore, the Templates are so good and effective, you’ll want to use them even if you are an experienced photo editor. Read Luminar AI Review.

Whilst Luminar Neo is easy enough to use, it lacks Templates altogether. As a result, you have to do all the work yourself.

Winner: Luminar AI

Luminar AI Free

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Luminar Neo vs Luminar AI: Features

Luminar AI is jammed full of features including hits such as Sky Replacement AI, Portrait Bokeh AI, and Face AI. As a result, Luminar AI is an ultra-effective tool for editing Landscape and Portrait photos.

Luminar Neo – Relight AI

But the thing is, Luminar Neo has all these tools too. And because Luminar Neo is the newer product, it has new features yet to appear on Luminar AI.

In other words, if you want the wonderful Erase AI, Relight AI, and Portrait Background Removal – you need Luminar Neo. Furthermore, Luminar Neo is a layer-based photo editor whilst Luminar AI is not.

Of course, Luminar AI has its awesome Template system. But if you are looking for ultimate versatility rather than supreme convenience – Luminar Neo offers more creative opportunities.

Winner: Luminar Neo


Luminar AI versus Luminar Neo: Performance

Overall, Luminar AI and Luminar Neo perform about the same. Which is to say, well enough. Whichever Luminar you choose, you’ll need a reasonable GPU as both frequently max out my GTX 1070ti.

Luminar AI – Sky AI

For this reason, I tend to use Luminar AI and Neo for smaller batches of photos. If I need to process dozens of photos at a time, ACDSee Ultimate 2022 runs faster and features a more optimal, albeit, more complex interface.

Winner: Draw

Luminar Neo vs Luminar AI: Price

Both Luminar Neo and AI cost about the same and both are often discounted or bundled together on the cheap. If you want to be notified of the latest deals on either Luminar, sign up for my weekly newsletter.

Winner: Draw

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Although Luminar Neo has the best tricks, I really do love Luminar AI’s Templates. For this reason, I bought both Luminar Neo and Luminar AI. Although this may sound a little decadent, Skylum Software often bundles both for not much more than either cost alone.

But if you must choose either Luminar AI or Luminar Neo, here’s what I recommend.

Luminar AI

If you are looking for the fastest and easiest route towards a well-processed photo, Luminar AI might be the best photo editor on the entire market. Its Template system is truly outstanding and an ideal solution for beginners and experts in a rush.

Luminar AI Templates

Yet none of this is to say you can’t get hands-on with your images. Luminar AI’s AI-powered tools make discrete adjustments simple and tricks such as Portrait Bokeh AI and Sky Replacement are both effective and a lot of fun.

Finally, Luminar AI is out now whilst you must wait until February 2022 for Luminar Neo. Read Luminar AI Review or try Luminar AI free for 7 days.

Luminar AI

Luminar Neo

If you a looking to get hands-on with your photos, Luminar Neo has everything Luminar AI has (except Templates) and more besides.

Erase AI is truly excellent and Relight AI is a wonderful tool for portraits. Furthermore, Luminar Neo allows you to apply adjustments in Layers whilst Luminar AI does not.

Therefore, Luminar Neo is the better choice when you need to pour all your attention into perfecting a single photo. Read Luminar Neo Review.


For most people, Luminar AI is the better choice. Its Template system offers immediate and effective results whilst its generous array of tools is more than sufficient for most manual adjustments.

But if you prefer hands-on layer-based editing and features such as Relight AI and Erase AI – you’ll need Luminar Neo.


Luminar AI Free

7 Day Free Trial. No credit card is required.

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