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How to Edit Selfies in Luminar Neo

Howe to edit portraits in Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is one of the best photo editing software applications for beginners and one of the easiest ways to edit portraits and selfies. In this Luminar Neo tutorial, I will show you how you can polish your portraits and selfies to perfection in just a few minutes and with very little skill.

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What is Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is a powerful photo editor that uses AI to dissolve once-complicated photo editing tasks into single-click tricks. As a result, Luminar Neo is a great choice for beginners or experts in a rush. Read Luminar Neo Review.

Try Luminar Neo

If you would like to follow this tutorial along, you can try Luminar Neo for free for 7 days – no credit card required.

How to Edit Portraits in Luminar Neo

In this Luminar Neo Tutorial – we’ll use Portrait Bokeh AI, Face AI, and Skin AI to convert a simple selfie into a pro-like portrait.

Luminar Neo

As you can see from the edit above, Luminar Neo has had a transformative effect. Best of all, it took only a minute to do. Here’s how.

Watch – How to edit selfies in Luminar Neo

Watch More Luminar Neo Tutorials

Visit Luminar Neo Tutorials if you would like to learn more about editing photos in Luminar Neo.

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