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Home » Lee Filters Stopper Exposure Guide (App Review)

Lee Filters Stopper Exposure Guide (App Review)

Lee Stopper Exposure Calculator Review

Working with ND filters can be a fiddly affair but thanks to the guys at Lee Filters, calculating your exposure time has never been so straight forward.

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Fantastic Interface

Lee Filters are certainly not the only folk producing Exposure calculators but they may be producing one of the nicest to use.

With remarkably tactile controls and no fluff-features or adverts – it just gets out of the way and lets me shoot. Oh, and it is free.

First, you specify which filter you are using, a 6 stop, 10 stop, or 15 stop. Then, you roll the delightfully clicky dial towards your normal shutter speed (speed without filter) and the dial on the right rolls to the appropriate shutter speed to use with your specified ND filter.

Whats a Stop in Photography

I have selected a 10-stop ND filter and a normal shutter speed of 1/125 of a second. The right dial instructs me to use an 8 second exposure.


Since many cameras can only time exposures for 30 seconds or less, a timer is essential for longer exposures. Simply select timer and press the start button to begin.

How to use ND filters for Landscape Photography

Had my exposure been 15 minutes long there would have been no way to set my camera to stop on the 15 minute mark making the timer essential.

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With only three choices of filter strength (6 stop, 10 stop and 15 stop) – the 3 stop filter is left out in the cold. Those stacking multiple filters will be better served by other apps.

It was once said that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication and given how many apps bury their core functionality under superfluous features or revenue grabbing adverts, Lee’s Stopper Exposure calculator makes a refreshing change and a welcome addition to your favourite App Store.

Get for Android | Get for Apple iOS | Lee Filters website

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