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Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 Compared – Every Day is Pancake Day!

Nikon Z 26mm F2.8

The Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 – a compact 26mm lens designed, according to Nikon, “as an ideal lens for advanced amateur photographers who take their camera everywhere so as not to miss a moment.”

And that sounds about right, with its smartphone-esque 26mm focal length producing a wide, user-friendly 79-degree angle of view and featherweight build. But how does the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 compare with existing Nikon primes such as the Nikon Z 28mm F2.8 and Nikon Z 40mm F2? Let’s find out! Jump to Conclusion

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What is the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 Lens?

The Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 is a tiny 125-gram (4.5oz) full-frame prime lens for Nikon’s Z mount and is designed as an everyday lens for heavy gravity days.

Indeed, the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 is absurdly light for a full-frame lens and is less than 24mm (1 inch) in length. As a result, the Nikon Z 26mm is now, by some margin, the smallest lens for Nikon’s Z mount.

Nikon Z 26mm F2.8

Focal length

As the name suggests, the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 features a 26mm focal length resulting in a smart-phone style angle of view of 79 degrees. As a result, the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 fits the brief as a decent take-in-the-scenes lens for your next holiday.

Alternatively, slap the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 onto one of Nikon’s APS-C Z-Mount cameras, such as the Nikon Z50 or ZfC, and enjoy an angle of view of 57 degrees – similar to that of a 40mm lens on a full-frame camera. Which, in my opinion, is even better for a walkabout lens. Read What is Focal Length in Photography.


The Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 features a moderately bright F2.8 allowing your camera’s sensor to soak up almost twice as much light as the average kit lens set to a similar focal length.

Furthermore, it should be possible to squeeze a little background blur out of the lens – despite the Nikon Z 26mm’s shorter blur-unfriendly focal length. Read What is Aperture in Photography.

Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 Image Quality

I have yet to use the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8, but its MTF charts suggest it’s very sharp at the center with progressive and heavy fall-off towards the corners. While this is less than ideal, it is not surprising for a wide-angle pancake lens and entirely suitable for its intended use.

Source: Nikon

Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 Features

Being so small, the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 is hardly feature rich. However, it does pack a single customizable control ring to which you can assign functions such as Apertures and Exposure Compensation.

Nikon also suggests an unspecified quantity of dust and drip resistance while offering no guarantees. This is pretty typical of Nikon – even for their more expensive lenses.

Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 Specifications

Nikon Z 26mm F2.8
Price (US$)$499
Focal length26mm
Angle of view79 Degrees
Maximum apertureF2.8
Minimum apertureF16
Diaphragm blades7 Rounded Blades
Lens construction8 Elements in 6 Groups
Optical Image StabilizationNo
Minimum focus distance20cm
Maximum reproduction ratio0.19x
Filter-attachment size52mm
Dimensions (approx)70mm x 23.5mm
Weight (approx)125g
Source: Nikon

Who is the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 for?

As a walkabout lens, the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 lens could be for almost anyone. But, in my option, 26mm is getting a little wide for an everyday lens.

On the one hand, the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 wide angle-of-view will be suitable for landscapes, scenes, and group photos. On the other, its short focal length will distort up-close shots of loved ones (and less loved ones) by enlarging noses and shrinking eyes and ears.

Furthermore, the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 suffers a maximum magnification ratio of 0.2x, which isn’t surprising or particularly useful.

However, I would enjoy using the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 with one of the Nikon’s APS-C Z-Mount cameras as its 57-degree 40mm-equivalent focal length is close to ideal – for me, at least.

The Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 Compared.

So, how does the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 compare against the Nikon Z 28mm F2.8 and Nikon Z 40mm F2?

Nikon Z 26mm F2.8Nikon Z 28mm F2.8Nikon Z 40mm F2
Price (US$)$499$299$299
Focal length26mm28mm40mm
Angle of view79 Degrees75 Degrees57 Degrees
Maximum apertureF2.8F2.8F2
Minimum apertureF16F16F16
Diaphragm blades7 Rounded Blades7 Rounded Blades9 Rounded
Lens construction8 Elements in 6 Groups9 Elements in 8 Groups6 Elements in 4 Groups
Optical Image StabilizationNoNoNo
Minimum focus distance20cm19cm29cm
Maximum reproduction ratio0.19x.2x0.17x
Filter-attachment size52mm52mm52mm
Dimensions (approx)70mm x 23.5mm70mm x 43mm71.5mm x 45.5mm
Weight (approx)125g155g170g
Source: Nikon

Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 vs Nikon Z 28mm F2.8

Nikon Z 26mm vs Nikon Z 28mm F2.8 – Estimated size difference.

Compared to the Nikon Z 28mm F2.8, the Nikon Z 26mm is much smaller and yields a wider 79-degree angle-of-view versus the 28mm’s 75 degrees.

Regarding features, both are as well specified as a drop-toilet. As for image quality, both lenses are broadly similar, with the 26mm sharper at the center and the 28mm better at the corners.

However, here’s where it gets complicated. At $299, the Nikon Z 28mm F2.8 is much cheaper than its $499 vertically-challenged rival. And while the Nikon Z 28mm is larger and heavier than the hyper-lean Nikon Z 26mm – it’s still very small and light by any other comparison.

Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 vs Nikon Z 40mm F2

Nikon Z 26mm vs Nikon Z 40mm F2 – Estimated size difference.

The Nikon Z 40mm F2 is a moderately expensive lens that feels cheaper than more affordable alternatives. On the plus side, it’s very light and compact and, compared to the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8, has a twice-as-bright F2 aperture for more light, lower ISO, and superior background blur.

And for me, 40mm is a better focal length for everyday photography. Thus, I would choose the brighter and cheaper Nikon Z 40mm F2 for these reasons.

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Do we need the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 and Nikon Z 28mm F2.8? Well, Nikon certainly thinks so. On the upside, the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 is even more diminutive than the already small Nikon Z 28mm F2.8.

However, the Nikon Z 26mm’s dainty dimensions come at a premium that may be difficult to justify, particularly when considering the ever-so-slightly heftier Nikon Z 28mm F2.8 with its built-in $200 saving.

Whether you consider a 26mm lens ideal for a walkabout is up to you. Since I photograph both scenes and people, I prefer longer focal lengths and, as a result, would go for the Nikon Z 40mm and its faster, blurrier F2 aperture. To that end, the Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 will suit Nikon’s smaller APS-C cameras thanks to its diminutive size and APS-C full-frame equivalent focal length of 57 degrees.

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What do you think? Will you be buying a Nikon Z 26mm F2.8? Leave a Comment.

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4 thoughts on “Nikon Z 26mm F2.8 Compared – Every Day is Pancake Day!”

    1. Agreed. I think Nikon would be crazy not to pair the Nikon Z 26mm with its Zfc and z50. Plus, I expect the full-frame Z 26mm will be soft in the corners – something APS-C owners won’t have to worry about.

  1. Raymond K. Benton, Jr.

    I use the 28mm f/2.8 on both my Z50 and Z6 and am happy both ways. Thought about both the 26mm f/2.8 and the 35mm f/1.8. IF i was to opt for a new lens, I would go with the 35mm.

    1. Hi Raymond – I’d go the same way as there is too much functional overlap, in my opinion, between the 28 and 26mm. Personally, I’m a 50mm fan so I’d enjoy the 35mm on your Z50. The Z6, not so much :).

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