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Canon R8 vs RP – Which is Best

Canon RP vs Canon R8

In this post, we compare the Canon R8 vs RP to find out which is best. And, of course, it is the Canon R8. However, the Canon RP remains capable and considerably cheaper. So, is the Canon R8 worth its $500 premium? Let’s take a look. Jump to Conclusion.

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Canon R8 vs RP: Image Quality

At first glance, the Full Frame 26.2 Megapixel Canon RP appears to have the advantage over the 24.2 Megapixel Canon R8. However, the Canon RP’s sensor is somewhat dated, having first been seen in the Canon 6Dii. As a result, the Canon RP’s sensor lacks the dynamic range of modern sensors.

Regarding Dynamic Range, the 24-megapixel Canon R6II sensor (blue) thoroughly outperforms the older sensor in the Canon RP (black). Source: Photons to Photos.

Now, this only matters if you intend to pull highlights and push shadows in post-processing, in which case, the Canon RP’s raw files will appear noisier than its rivals, such as the Canon R8. Speaking of the Canon R8, the R8’s Full Frame sensor is on par with the best 24-megapixel sensors today.

Canon RP vs Canon R8
The Canon R8 body borrows plenty from the Canon RP.

But editing aside, both cameras produce attractive out-of-camera images. Sadly, neither the Canon R8 nor RP has inbuilt sensor-based image stabilization (IBIS). Thus you will be reliant on stabilized lenses, tripods, sedatives, or image-degrading high ISOs.

Canon R8 vs RP: Speed

Compared to other cameras, neither the Canon RP nor R8 is particularly sporty. For instance, the Canon R8’s Electronic 1st Curtain Shutter will capture approximately six photos per second, while the Canon RP’s mechanical shutter dawdles at four photos per second.

However, switch the Canon R8 to an electronic shutter. It will capture up to 40 frames per second with all the usual limitations, such as a rolling shutter and reduced dynamic range.

Furthermore, the Canon R8’s autofocus system borrows the Canon R6ii’s machine-learned object recognition autofocus modes, which is impressive given the Canon R8’s much lower price point. Meanwhile, the Canon RP isn’t entirely hopeless, and thanks to Firmware V1.2, the Canon RP now has Eye Detect AF.

Nevertheless, the writing is on the wall. If the Canon R6ii is out-of-bounds, the Canon R8 is a much better sports camera than the Canon RP.

Canon RP vs R8: Video

The Canon R8 is a much better video camera than the Canon RP. Specifically, the Canon R8 can capture uncropped 6K-subsampled 4K60p video in 8 and 10-bit formats and includes many of the features found on the Canon R6ii.

Canon RP vs Canon R8
The Canon R8 and RP have fully articulated screens – ideal for vlogging. However, the Canon RP is a poor choice for recording 4K video.

Yet, on paper, the Canon RP appears to be broadly similar. But don’t be fooled, as the Canon RP’s 4K footage suffers from a massive 1.7x crop, poor detail, and the loss of Dual Pixel Auto Focus. Therefore, you are best leaving the Canon RP set to record 1080p.

In summary, time has been cruel to Canon RP’s video specification. So, if you want a video camera and can live without IBIS, the Canon R8 is the way to go.

Canon RP vs R8: Body

The Canon R8 and RP are very similar in design, size, and button placement. However, the Canon R8 does offer some quality-of-life improvements.

Canon RP vs Canon R8 dials
The Canon R8’s power switch has moved to its right-hand shoulder. Ideal for one-hand operation.

First, the Canon R8’s power button has been moved from the left to the right shoulder enabling one-hand operation. Plus, the R8 weighs 461 grams loaded, compared to the 485g Canon RP. As you might expect, the Canon R8 and RP use the same LP-E17 battery and share a similarly miserable battery life.

Both the Canon RP and R8 enjoy a fully-articulating 3-inch LCD screen, although the Canon R8’s 1.68 million-dot offering improves on the 1.04 Million-dot model found on the Canon RP. Both cameras pack a 2.36 Million-dot EVF.

Finally, both cameras pack a modern USB-C connection. However, the Canon RP is stuck with USB 2 speeds while the R8 flies along with USB 3.2 Gen 2.

As you can see, the Canon R8 youth presents us with a few quality-of-life improvements. But overall, the Canon R8 and RP are more alike than different.

Canon R8 vs RP: Price

At $999, the Canon RP is $500 cheaper than the $1499 Canon R8. That’s $500 you could spend on lenses and bad decisions. However, the Canon R8 is a pretty good deal relative to the more expensive Canon R6ii.


Canon RPCanon R8
Release Price (US$)US$999US$1500
Sensor SizeFull FrameFull Frame
Megapixels26.2 Megapixel24.2 Megapixel
Native ISO Range100-40000100-102400
In-body Image StabilizationNoNo
AF TypeHybrid Phase/Contrast DetectHybrid Phase/Contrast Detect
AF Focus Points47794067
AF Sensitivity-5 – +18 EV-6.5 – +21 EV
Max Shutter Speed1/40001/4000
Max Shutter FPS (AF+AE)4 FPS6 FPS
Electronic ShutterYesYes
Max E-Shutter Speed1/40001/8000
Max E-Shutter FPS (Full Resolution)5 FPS40 FPS
Silent ShootingYesYes
Range-3EV to 20 EV-3EV to 20 EV
Video Quality  
4K24p (1.7 Crop)_60p, 30p, 24p
HD 1080p60p, 30p, 24p180p, 150p, 120p, 60p, 30p, 24p
Max. Recording Time29 minutes 59 secondsUp to 2 Hours
Video CompressionH.264/MPEG4H.264/MPEG4, H.265/HEVC
Card Slot 2N/AN/A
Resolution2.36M Dots2.36M Dots
Size3.0 inch3.0 inch
Resolution1.04M Dots1.63M Dots
Touch SensitiveYesYes
Video-OutHDMI Type CHDMI Type D
Audio In (mic)3.5mm Jack3.5mm Jack
Audio Out (Headphones)3.5mm Jack3.5mm Jack
DataUSB 2.0 Type CUSB 3.2 Type C
Power Port
Ethernet PortNoNo
BluetoothBluetooth 4.1Bluetooth 4.2
Internal GPSNoNo
Battery Life200-250150-290
Video Record Time
Weight & Dimensions  
Weight485g Loaded461g Loaded
Source: Canon USA

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For some, the Canon R8 is a substantial upgrade to the Canon RP, and if you shoot video or photograph fast action, buy a Canon R8.

But if you don’t care for video and prefer a more sedate style of stills photography, the Canon R8 may offer you little more than a $500-sized hole in your pocket.

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