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Canon PowerShot PICK

Canon Powershot PICK

The Canon Powershot PICK is a fun little camera mounted upon a motorized monopod, thus enabling the Canon PICK to track you as you move in and around it. As a result, the Powershot PICK might just become the active Vlogger’s new best friend. Shop for a Canon Powershot PICK at Adorama | Amazon US

What is the Canon Powershot PICK

The Canon Powershot PICK is an 11.7 Mega-pixel automated camera system. And by automated, I mean it will track and record you as you run rings around it. This is possible thanks to its motorized monopod, which allows the Canon PICK to rotate 170 degrees to the left and right.

Canon Powershot PICK Black

Furthermore, the Camera itself can tilt down -20 degrees and 90 degrees upwards. Finally, the Canon PICK features a minimum focus distance of between 20cm (wide) and 30cm (telephoto), a 3x optical zoom, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

Canon Powershot PICK Specifications

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How much does the Canon PICK cost


What is the Canon PICK for

As the video demonstrates, the Canon Powershot PICK is ideal for capturing fast, erratic action in a 3D space. As a result, I expect the Canon PICK will prove helpful for busy Vloggers such as those darting around a kitchen or demonstrating football drills.

And on that theme, the Powershot PICK could help Athletes hone their craft by recording their form and technique.

Canon Powershot PICK White

Canon PICK limitations.

The heart of the Canon Powershot PICK is a very small 11.7-megapixel 1/2.3 sensor. Therefore, I expect image quality will be pretty average in good light and outright terrible in low-light conditions. Furthermore, the Canon PICK is limited to recording 1080p at nearly 60 frames per second. In this day and age – 4K 30p would be more usefull.

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Final thoughts

Despite its limitations – I think the Canon Powershot PICK looks like a lot of fun and further diminishes the need to carry a separate cameraman/woman with you (heavy and needs feeding). Therefore, I’m pretty tempted to buy one. Shop for a Canon Powershot PICK at Adorama | Amazon US

What do you think – share your thoughts in the comments below.

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