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Full Frame vs Medium Format sensor size

Full Frame vs Medium Format Sensor Size

In this post, we compare Full Frame vs Medium Format sensor sizes. Although a full-frame sensor typically measures 36x24mm, the dimensions of a medium format sensor vary. For instance, the medium format sensors found inside the Pentax 645Z, Hasselblad X-series, and Fujifilm’s GFX range measure approximately 44x33mm. As a result, these medium format sensors are 68% larger than the sensors found in full-frame cameras.

However, both are dwarfed by the sensors found in Hasselblad’s H system. Measuring 53x40mm, these medium format sensors are almost 2.5-times larger than full-frame sensors.

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Full Frame vs Medium Format Sensor Size Comparison.

At 36x24mm, the full-frame sensor is by far the smallest of the bunch. Yet, it remains the most popular option for those looking for excellent image quality in a reasonably compact package.

However, things are changing. Fujifilm’s GFX system may end up doing to full-frame what full-frame did to APS-C.

The recently released 100-megapixel Fujifilm GFX100s offers superior resolution and decent all-around performance in a body no bigger than a Nikon D850.

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Therefore, a full-frame may go from being an ideal middle ground to offering neither the best portability nor the best image quality. Of course, time will tell. Read Is full-frame worth it?

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