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Most expensive cameras 2021

most expensive cameras

In 2021, Sony released its most expensive camera ever, the amazing Sonya Alpha 1. But compared to the world’s most expensive cameras, the Alpha 1 seems a little cheap.

So, in the spirit of bankruptcy and angry spouses, here are 6 of the most expensive cameras you can buy in 2021. Jump to Conclusion

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Hasselblad H6D-400c MS

Weighing in at over 1.6 kilos, the 100-megapixel, medium-format Hasselblad H6D-400 is the world’s most expensive camera.

Inside the H6D-400, you will find a gigantic medium format sensor two-and-a-half times larger than the sensors found in professional full-frame cameras. Compare Medium Format with Full-Frame.

And if the Hasselblad’s 100 megapixels aren’t enough, the H6D-400’s sensor-shift mode will merge up to 6 shots to create a single 400-megapixel image.

However, if you can skip on the H6D-400’s 400-megapixel shift, you can save a few grand and buy the affordable H6D-100c instead ($33,000).

Cost: $48,000US

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Phase One XF IQ4 150

The medium format Phase One XF IQ4 is built around a massive 150-megapixel sensor measuring 53x41mm. Along with the Hasselblad, the XF IQ4 is the most expensive camera in the world.

Like the Hasselblad, the Phase One XF is all about image quality. But, unlike the Hasselblad, the XF doesn’t bother with frivolous features such as video. Instead, it’s all about those 150 megapixels and its huge dynamic range.

If you are struggling with which one to buy this mother’s day, the main thing separating the XF with the H6D-100c is the XF’s amazing 150-megapixel sensor.

On the other hand, the 400-megapixel sensor-shift mode gives hands the advantage back to the Hasselblad when shooting static subjects.

Cost $48,000US

Leica S3

The S3 is the Leica’s most expensive camera and a genuinely new product not constrained by the companies heritage.

At the heart of the Leica S3 lies a smaller medium format sensor delivering an impressive 64-megapixels worth of resolution.

As with other modern cameras, the beautifully built Leica S3 comes with modern-day perks such as 4K video and WiFi.

However, spec-seekers should look elsewhere. For instance, Fujifilm’s GFX100 is a cheaper, more capable camera, as are some of the top-end full-frame cameras.

Yet, none of its rivals offer Leica’s intangible shooting experience, sublime build quality, or, let’s be honest, the Leica badge. Therefore, the S3 is a camera you want rather than need.

Cost: $18,995US

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Fujifilm GFX 100

The GFX100 is Fujifilm’s most expensive camera. Built around a cropped, 44x33mm, 102-megapixel, medium-format sensor, the Fujifilm GFX100 is a legitimate step-up for full-frame enthusiasts.

However, the GFX100’s most impressive feat was redefining what medium format cameras are capable of. For a long time, medium format was all about high image quality and slow performance.

But with GFX100, Fujifilm blessed it with much of the technology you’ll find in the cheap and nimble Fuji X-T4.

For instance, you get medium format imaging quality backed up by performance perks such as eye-detect autofocus, 12-bit 4K30, and 5 frames-per-second continuous shooting. Not to mention the first (cropped) medium format sensor to feature inbuilt image stabilization. Compare cropped medium frame and ‘full-frame’ medium format.

Despite offering the most bang-for-buck of any camera on this list, it’s no longer medium formats best-buy. Fuji’s GFX100S borrows all the best bits from the GFX100 and puts them in a smaller body that costs half as much.

Cost $9,999

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Leica M10 Monochrom

Although Lecia offers a few models around this price point, the most interesting is the M10 Monochrom. Mostly because the M10 Monochrom is an eight-thousand-dollar camera that can’t take color photos.

Yep, as the name suggests, the Monochrom only shoots black and white. Yet, this is a good thing.

You might be surprised to know that no camera sensor can see color. In fact, a camera sensor can only measure brightness.

To perceive light, a camera sensor must be covered with a resolution-sapping Bayer filter. Afterwhich, the lost resolution is artificially inserted using clever interpolation algorithms. Read how camera sensors work.

But because the M10 Monochrom is not burdened by color, its 40-megapixel sensor actually extracts 40-megapixels worth of detail from the scene ahead. Therefore, if you like nice things and black and white photography, Leica’s M10 is a special buy.

Cost: $8,500USD

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Sony A1

At $6500, the A1 is the world’s most expensive Sony camera and one of the most technologically advanced. For example, the A1 can capture 30 50-megapixel photos per second and record 8K video.

Not to mention some of the best autofocus performance on the market and an epic 9-million dot electrical viewfinder.

In the A1, Sony has effectively brought together its A7r and A9 range and combined both to make an ultra high-performing, high-resolution camera.

And at $6,500US, it’s also cheap-as-chips.

Cost: $6,500US

Or you could buy: A Nikon D6 or a Canon 1Dx Mk3

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Of the 6 most expensive cameras, the $48,000 Hasselblad’s H6D-400c MS reigns supreme. Not only does it shoot images up to 400 megapixels, but the Hasselblad’s sensor is 2.5 times larger than those found in full-frame cameras.

Just behind the Hasselblad is the Phase One XF IQ4 150. Like the Hasselblad, the XF features a similarly massive medium format sensor. Yet, the sensor inside Phase One delivers 150 megapixels. However, in some situations, Hasselblad’s 400-megapixel sensor-shift tech will put it ahead.

The S3 continues Leica’s recent foray into the world of medium format. And whilst Fujifilm’s GFX100 is a more capable camera, the Leica S3 has sublime build quality and a little red badge.

Yet, in this company, the $10,000 Fujifilm GFX100 is somewhat of a bargain. It has the best video, the best autofocus, and the first stabilized medium format sensor.

But if I ever were looking for a premium street camera, I would definitely consider the Leica M10 Monochrom – the world’s most expensive black and white camera.

Because the Leica is not concerned with color, its sensor is spared the negative, detail-sapping effects of Bayer and anti-aliasing filters. As a result, the M10 Monochrom takes beautiful monochromatic images whilst being a delight to hold, own, and use.

And bringing up the rear is the Sony A1. Despite being the cheapest camera on this list, it is the most capable overall. With its world-class autofocus, excellent image quality, and insane shooting speeds, the Alpha 1 is obscenely competent at all kinds of photography.

So, there you have it, the most expensive camera’s in the world as of 2021. Do you own any of these cameras and if not, which would you choose? Back to Top

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